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75ml Fine Structure Paste

Product SKU: 420TAE75
75ml Acrylic structure paste, water-based, in tube. Fine-grained.



A thick white paste for tridimensional effects: when dry you can paint on it and obtain relief structures.

Water-based acrylic structure paste, fine and opaque, used for creating rough surfaces, reliefs and plasticity. Suitable for all surfaces and for all painting and decorating techniques. It can be applied pure or diluted with some water to make it more fluid. When dry it becomes permanent and can be painted with the entire Morocolor product range. If mixed together with our Glossy acrylic paint results are very impressive because of the transparency of this paint that accentuates the structure of the paste. When mixed with paint the result is a coloured structuring paste. If mixed with the coarse structuring paste an intermediate paste can be obtained.
Stains should be removed immediately from textiles and surfaces, with water and soap before the paste dries.